Espero que me pongas como mejor respuesta con esto, no solo te doy una si no 20:
Where are you at?
She is at my house
We are going to meet at my sister's house
I'm at my best moment in life
My brother works at mcdonalds
my uncle is ready at 3 pm 
He is at downtown 
My brother gets off work at 9.00 pm 
My mother is cooking at my house
Manuel has a piano at his aunt's house 
I need to be back at 6 pm 
Where is my sister at?
I want to stay at the Hilton 
Theres a football game at night 
She has to be at 7 in school
My brother has a bussines at downtown 
I would like to be in the beach at this moment 
Why are you here so late at night?
my grandpa has to be at his office
I'm at school right now