.1-Where are you from? I'm from Argentina
 2-Where are the books? The books are on the table
 3-Where are my glasses? there are under the bed
 4-Where are your friends? They are in a party
 5-Where are yours parents? They are in the supermarket
 6-Where are the butterflies? They are in the sky
 7-Where are the cakes? They're in the fridge
 8-Where are the copybooks? They are in the chair
 9-Where are the plants? They are in the ground
10-Where are the cats? They are in the garden

 1-Where is the blanket? It's in my bed
 2-Where is she? She is on an island
 3-Where is the car? It's in the garage
 4-Where is my doll? It's in the box
 5-Where is my computer? It's in my bedroom
 6-Where is he? He is in the kitchen
 7-Where is the ball? It's under your bed
 8-Where is my mum? She is in bed
 9-Where is my dad? He is in the living room
10-Where is my dress? It's in the closet
Te sirve?
gracias con esto completo los 25 que me mandaron ha hacer thank you very much....
De nada me alegro que te aya servido