are you having some bread?
they are dancing together you have to be working shouldn't you be reading now?
You are not learning this way.
12- I'm just annoying you
13- My friend is sleeping in my couch
14- I'm trying to help you
15- your teacher is noticing someone else did your homework
16- I'm getting a good grade for you
17- She is playing the guitar
18- I'm wearing a hat
19- He is watching the tv
20- I'm writting the las sentence for you
i am playing the guitar now
you are jumping in the house
he is playing basketball now
she is swimming in the poor now
we are juggling with balls now
he is listening to music
he is reading a book now
she is writing in the copybook
i am singing a song now
we are looking videos on youtube now


I was flying when i woke up
i love drinking coke
my brother was watering the plants