I am cooking dinner I´m not cooking dinner
i am jumping the rope I´m not jumping the rope
she is watching tv she´s not watching tv
they are eating dinner. They´re not eating dinner.
Are you having dinner with jenny today?
no im not. Yes i am
is she going out for a walk?
yes she is, no she isnt
are you watching batman?
Yes i am. No im not.
are you playing tennis
yes i am. No im not
i was having dinner with tom i wasn´t having dinner with tom
i was reading a book i wasn´t reading a book
she was brushing her hair. She wasn´t brushing her hair
you we watching tv. you weren´t watching tv
were you going to the cinema? yes i was. No i wasnt
Was she doing something? yes she was, no she wasnt
were they having a party? yes they were, no they werent
was she playing video games? yes she was. No she wasnt.
were you thinking of somebody? yes i was. No i wasnt

1. He did the homework
2. He was playing soccer
3. She went to Italy
4. I played in classes
5. The birthday was
6. She played with her cousin
7. We did not do the job
8. They participated in an activity
9. He ate too
10. She lost the race
11. the beating his teammate
12. the wise Italian
13. He had a new game
14. he won many awards
15. She played basketball in Germany
16. I walk by the seashore
17. He was in another country
18. she went to the beach at night
19. John went to the cinema to see a horror movie
20. a child outside the bank coins paid
21. I visit my grandparents on Sunday
22. My cousin called me to leave
23. a child crying in the supermarket
24. He returned to Italy
25. He flew on a helicopter
26. we played all afternoon
27. they did not know English
28. they sang at the theater
29. I strike a worker
30. The bathroom was on the beach
31. she watched TV all afternoon
32. He gave her a necklace to a friend
33. I ran in the Olympic Games
34. they participated in a South American championship
35. we play in the square
36. Yesterday it rained in Talca
37. they saw the work
38. He read many books in class
39. we had to write many sentences espero q te sirva

1.- I don't wanna go to the school
2.- They don't have enough experience
3.- He doesn't like her
4.- it doesn't matter
5.- She doesn't like swimming
6.- You don't know what i want
7.- I don't care anything
8.- I don't know what i need to do
9.- We don't listen music
10.- They don't have money

1.- I can eat everything
2.- you are great!
3.- I miss you...
4.- I hope you be fine
5.- I wish you good luck
6.- you are my best friend
7.- She is my girl friend
8.- They are cute
9.- She is beautiful!
10.- I love blond girls!

1.- Do you like me?
2.- Do they go to school?
3.- What do you do?
4.- Do you like swimming?
5.- Where do you go?
6.- Do we go the party?
7.- Where do they live?
8.- Do you want it?
9.- Do you love him?
10.- Do you enjoy it?
My mom will give me some money.
My mom won’t give me any money.

I will read your poem out loud.
I won’t read your poem out loud.

She will bring a bottle of wine to the party.
She won’t bring any bottle of wine to the party.
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