ITS has now worked with airlines in more than 60 countries worldwide, from the Americas to the Far East and Pacific Rim, from the Arctic Circle to the South Atlantic.

With over 20 years experience in aviation training, ITS was established to provide complete training solutions for airlines wanting to develop world-class Crew Resource Management, Human Factors or Team Resource Management skills.

On this website you will find a comprehensive range of products and services available from ITS and these include for example:

• CRM Courseware – both off the shelf and bespoke.
• CRM Training Courses.
• CRMI (Ground) Training Courses.
• CRMI (Simulator/Line) Training Courses.
• NOTECHS/Behavioural Markers.
• Assessment Training Courses.
• Videos/DVDs.
• SMS Implementation Courses.

Our Mission is to produce the finest and most effective training solutions to the highest possible standards; delivering them on time, and to a budget.

Medical Resource Management
In the healthcare environment, it is not so much errors within specific areas of expertise which cause accidents or incidents; it is more often breakdowns in communication, poor teamwork, or inefficient hand-offs that create a series of events which may in turn lead to extended hospital stays or, even worse, fatalities.

ITS is currently working with an International IVF organisation, looking at how medical resource management could reduce errors within their environment; errors which could be potentially devastating for their clients.
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Rail Resource Management (RRM)
An operational railway is highly dependent upon the performance of its staff, both as individuals and as part of an extended team. As a result, improvements that can be achieved with regard to both individual and teamworking skills have the potential to impact positively on operational performance.

ITS is currently working with a major Asian rail operator, recommending methods of introducing RRM to their operation.
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