Put in was or were into the gaps.
1) I    was were  in Canberra last spring.
2) We    was were  at school last Saturday.
3) Tina    was were  at home yesterday.
4) He    was were  happy.
5) Robert and Stan    was were  Garry's friends.
6) You    was were  very busy on Friday.
7) They    was were  in front of the supermarket.
8) I    was were  in the museum.
9) She    was were  in South Africa last month.
10) Jessica and Kimberly    was were  late for school.
gracias ..pero esas son afirmativas ... lo que yo necesito es " write yes- no quesion and answer using the cues" :/
Ahh, ahi ni idea! jajaja
:3 igual gracias :)