1. I am going to eat. (Yo voy a comer)
2. He is going to watch a movie. (El va a ver una película)
3. She is going to think about it. (Ella lo va a pensar)
4. Are you going to come with us? (¿Vas a venir con nosotros?)
5. We are going to go to a party. (Nosotros vamos a ir a una fiesta)
6. They are going to buy a new house. (Ellos van a comprar una casa nueva)
7. I am going to try a new look. (Voy a probar un Nuevo look)
8. She is going to talk to you. (Ella va a hablar contigo)
9. He is going to pick you up. (Él va a recogerte)
10. We are going to cook all night. (Nosotros vamos a cocinar toda la noche)
I will see her for Christmas. (La veré para Navidad).
Will you join us? (¿Nos acompañarás?).
She will study medicine. (Ella estudiará medicina).
We will travel on vacation.
They will come with us.
Will she come for her birthday?
She will move, after she finishes school.
He will buy a new house.
I will work hard.
Will you stay long?