¡La mejor respuesta!
1. Music: The music is a combination of melodic rhitms, the term COMES (pasado participio) from the antique greek and now is one of the most representative things in in the world, the music has CHANGED(pasado simple) the life of millions of persons across the entire world

2. song the lemon tree, by fools garden

I'm sitting(presente)  here in a boring room
it's just another rainy sunday afternoon
i'm wasting(presente) my time, i got nothing to do
i'm hanging(presente) around, i'm waiting for you
but nothing ever happens(pasado participio), and i wonder
I'm driving(presente) around in my car
i'm driving(presente) too fast, i'm driving(presente) too far
i'd like to change(presente) my point of view
i feel(presente) so lonely, i'm waiting for you
but nothing ever happens(pasado participio), and i wonder

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