1. I am read the book

2 He is run in te park

3. She is talk with the brother



1) My grandparent list to tango on the radio.

2) My daddy works in a brank.

3) my family and I eat pasta on sundays

4) I like sport magazines.

5) Sheila dance reggetón.

6) My friends chat on MSN

7) Madonna sings pop music.

8) School finishes at 6.50 PM

9) Cheetahs run fast.

10) Tommy does hs maths execises everyday.

11) Mr.Parker washes his car at the weekend.

12) We live in a house.

13)Mark and Jennifer go to parties

14)Monkeys eats bananas.

15) My grand fathar reads the newspaper

16) My friend, Helen and I play card games.

17) Anna dances salsa and flokmusic.

18) We drink orange juice for breakfast

19) I do my maths exercuses.

20) Daddy washes his car at the weekend.

12 5 12