1- That joke was more fun than the last one.
2- That chair is more comfortable than an armchair.
3- My computer is more modern than his.
4- The milkshake is more delicious than the juice.
5- The book is more colorful than the notebook
6- The sweater is more old-fashioned than the jacket.
7- Documental are more interesting than cartoons.
8- The cinema is more expensive than the TV.
9- The butterfly is more beautiful than the fly.
10- A dress is more fashionable than a skirt.
11- I am older than my brother.
12- I am taller than my mom.
13- My computer is bigger than my cellphone.
14- January is longer than February.
15- Kelly Clarkson sings better than Avril Lavigne.
16- Coffee is darker than tea.
17- Rihanna is nicer than Selena Gómez.
18- Ice cream is colder than yoghurt.
19- Hippos are fatter than lions.
20- A rock is heavier than a feather