1. who are you?
2. who is that gay?
3. who are you talking to?
4. who are you coming with?
5. who are you going with?

1. what are you doing?
2. what are you going to do?
3. what is it?
4. what color is this?
5. what might be wrong with anne?

1. where might Megan be?
2. where are you from?
3. where did you go last weekend?
4. where do you did your party?
5. where your born?

1. when you can go to my home?
2. when was he born?
3 when are you coming?
4. when are you living?
5. when are you beginning?

1. why are you sad?
2. why does Mayra decide to go and find Atlantis?
3. why is school an important factor in promoting and generating values?
4. why are angry?
5. why are you cry?

1. how are you?
2. how are you doing?
3. how've you been?
4. how about you?
5. how is everything at the town?