There is a ghost in this room
There is an apple on the desk. 
There is oil on the pavement. 
There is a worm in this apple
There is a guitar in my room

There are 600 students in this school 
There are four windows in my room 
There are some windows in my room 
There are five dogs in the house
There are two chairs in my room
There Is:
there is a book in the school 
there is an apple in my bag
there is a boy in te store
there is a pencil under the table
there is an eraser in my hand
there is a map in my house
there is a table in te room
there is a mouse in te corner
there is a house in the forest
there is a key under the bed
there are papers on the floor
there are books in my room
there are dogs playing around
there are shoes in the store
there are notes in the table
there are pencils in our home
there are so many books to read
there are two cats drinking milk
there are cars in front of my house
there are good news!

espero haberte ayudado!!! saludos!!!