Oraciones En ingles con las palabras
-Baby animals -making a snowman -making a sandcastle en the beach -leaves falling- camping starting school - cold -wet -finishing school -flies -flower - hoy - skiing -ward --picnics -soup -bears sleeping - january -april -december -july -august -february-march -june- september -may-november -october



I will visit my cousins in january because they are finishing school.
I hate december because it´s made much cold
The next semester will have a camping starting school
I going to have a lot of picnics with my family this year
I am going to the puerto vallarta and I will making a sandcastle in the beach
The flower it's more beautiful in april
I finished the school in June
I can't skiing very well
I wish one day I can make a snowman

Bueno pues no son todas pero algo es algojejeje solo k no sabia si querias una oracion por palabra o si podias combinar varias en una sola bueno espero te sirvan