Una Historia Utilizando estas Palabra de al menos 2 paginas y que sea ilustrada o que las imagenes concuerden!
Palabras: Princess, love, shoes, computer, pencil, comb, pig, flowers, school, security, song, baby, law, science, died, king, boy, secretary, bottle, case, bread, mirror, arrow, knee, toothbrush, machine, engineer, house, frog, dog, car, gym, weapons, trust, knapsack, loyal, kangaroo, horses, unicorn, food, honesty.
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The Princess Sophia honest.
There was once a queen and a king decided to have a family wedding, which they did, it was a little princess blonde as small as his father and his mother.
They were very happy while kings made ​​their party one year and invited all the people of the kingdom, and kings of other countries organize the party people all had gifts, the kings of Italy were presented with a mirror so you always know what beautiful it is along with a comb to comb your hair curly cute, the kings of Spain led him to a dog and say that you care this time here is the most loyal dog that ever existed in the world, the engineer kingdom levo him a machine that played a song I always sang to her mom on her father the king and the queen mother gave him his first gift, that was a pretty, pink school backpack which was bringing a pencil, some notebooks and a cage which had a frog, the son of the servant boy who looked very happy to gift him a box with bread and a small pair of gold shoes.
The servants began serving food that had taken almost 3 days. The party's over and everything just lived very happily until little Sophia had met eight years to school taxes by the son of the maid who called Tronad, one day the kings could not take the kids in the car because the queen of Canada had died, the Kings had to travel to the kingdom of La otra parte ya te la envie por mensje