Espero que pueda ayudarte:
A: Hey, B, and C. Guess what happened to me yesterday!
B: What?
A: I found out that I was accepted into the college I applied for!
C: Really? That's great! Which college did you apply for?
A: University of Georgia. It's a really great school, so I was nervous that I wouldn't get in. But the school mailed me my acceptance letter, and I was so happy.
C: I'm proud of you. I knew you could get in.
B: Yeah. I remember when you first said you had applied. You were worried because of your grades.
A: I'm glad I took part in all of those clubs. I think they helped make my application look better to admissions.
B: Do you think so? I mean, I didn't really do any clubs, but I was still accepted into Brown University.
C: That's because you got really good grades and took really hard classes. You're so smart, I would be surprised if Brown hadn't accepted you.
A: That's for sure. What about you, C? Have you heard from any colleges?
C: Not yet. But I didn't apply for early admission, so it's okay. They told me to wait a few more months before they tell me. I applied to four different schools, so I'm not worried.
B: You're not nervous?
C: Nope. I made sure to have a great balance between schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work. My counselor told me that this combination was what a lot of colleges look for.
A: Then I'm sure you'll do fine. I'm glad you were so prepared.
B: Yeah. Oh, hey, I have to go. I told my mom I would pick up from groceries.
C: Alright. See you later? We arranged to meet at the pool tomorrow, right?
B: Yeah. We agreed to meet at six pm.
C: Okay. See you then!
B: Bye! (B sale)
C: You're invited, too, A.
A: Thanks, but I can't. My other friends and I made plans to go to the movies tomorrow.
C: That sounds fun. Okay, well I should get going now as well. Bye!
A: Bye!
Bill: Father, I'm go to the swimming pool. Where is Tim?
Yesterday he saided:
I'm want to go to the swimmingpool with you.
Father: I don't know, but I think he go with Loraine to play in the street.
Bill: Ohh, Ok. Do you know is he going to come early?
Mather: Yes, he only go to the bookshop. 
Tim: Hello family, I'm here againg. Bill wait a moment I'm go to get my bag.
Loraine: Bill plis. Can I go with you?
Bill: But...
Mother: Bill, Loraine is go with you and your Brother to the swimming pool. She is your sister. And you don't have a lot of time with she.
Bill: Ok, Loraine go and cath your bag.
Loraine: Good!!!!! Thank mamy, thak Bill.

15 minuts later...
Loraine: Mum, where is my bag.
Mather: I don't know. Do you find it in your bedroom.
Loraine: Yes, but there isn't here.
Bill: Loraine, do you find in the bathroom.
Loraine: Of course, but it isn'y here.
Tim: And under the bed?
Loraine: No, I'm going to search it now. One moment plis.

Loraine: Yes, is under the bed.
Bill: Now, we can go to the swimming poll.
Loraine: Than Tim.
Tim: Your welcome.
Tim, Loraine and Bill: Bye bye.