Hola m podrian dar 10 oraciones con el ther is y con el ther are

1_ There is a bed , 2_There is a pencil - case , 3_there is a computer , 4_ There is a pen , 5_ There are pencils , 6_There are chairs , 7_there are rubbers , 8_there are books , 9_there are papers , 10 _ there are notebooks espero q te sirva !! v
There is a ghost in this roomThere is an apple on the desk. There is oil on the pavement. There is a worm in this appleThere is a guitar in my roomThere are 600 students in this school There are four windows in my room There are some windows in my room There are five dogs in the houseThere are two chairs in my room


"There is" y "There are" quieren decir "Hay" en español.  "There is" es singular y "There are" es plural.There is a book. (Hay un libro.)*
There are books. (Hay libros.)
*Se puede hacer una contracción de "There is" a "There's".  No se puede hacer una contracción de "There are."
El negativo es "There is not" y "There are not" y sus contracciones.There is not a book. - There isn't a book.
There are not books. - There aren't books.

Para formar una pregunta nada más cambiamos el orden de las palabras.Is there a book?
     Yes, there is.
     No, there isn't.
Are there books?
     Yes, there are.
     No, there aren't.

there is an apple  on the table
there is some cheese on my dish
there is an elephant at the zoo
there is a notebook in my bag
there is a shopping center next to my house

there are two windows on my bedroom
there are 25 students in the classroom 
there are 10 ballons in the party
there are 5 coins in my pocket
there are 5 cats in my house