Esta es una respuesta certificada

Las respuestas certificadas contienen información fiable, avalada por un equipo de expertos cuidadosamente seleccionados. En Brainly hay millones de respuestas de alta calidad, que han sido moderadas por los miembros más destacados de nuestra comunidad. Pero las respuestas certificadas son las mejores de las mejores.

What – Qué

Which – Cuál

Who – Quién

When – Cuándo

Where – Dónde

Why – Por qué

How – Cómo


Generalmente formulamos las preguntas de la siguiente manera:

Wh- + Verbo Auxiliar (Be, Do o Have) + Sujeto + Verbo + Complemento + ?

Wh- + Modal Verb + Sujeto + Verbo + Complemento + ?

- What is the name of your dog? 
- What is your favorite song?
- Where  do you want to travel on holidays?
- Who is your maximum inspiration?
- What is your favorite book?
- Which jacket do you like?
- Which movie star do you like?

- What is your favorite television show?
- What color is your hair?
- What are you doing?
- What do you do after work?

- Who is your idol?
- Where did you go at the weekend?
- What do you think about grugs?
- Which career goal do you need to comply?
- Who is your current partner?
- What do you like to do?
- What is your favorite beach?
- Which languages do you speak?
- What is your name? 
- Where do you live?  
- Who is your teacher? 
- When does she study? 
- How many brothers do they have? 
- Why do they travel only  for one week? 
- How does he go to school? 
- How often does Peter play tennis? 
- What time did you arrive to the birthday party? 
- Where is the museum?

- Why are you coming late?   
- Why did you get angry?
- Where are you? 
- Where did you buy this jacket? 
- When did you arrive? 
- When are you going to study?
- Who is that woman? 
- Who did you see in Barcelona? 
- What are you eating ?
- What are you reading?
- Where is she living?
- Where are you meeting your friends?
- Why is she crying?
- Why are we waiting here? 
- What have you done?   

- Who doesn’t want an ice cream?
- Which door didn’t open?

- Why didn’t you go to school?
- What don't you like to do at the weekend?
- Why didn’t you answer when I call?
- Where didn’t you go?