I get lost in the vague perpendicularso blue, that infinite empty away,that if not heaven, it would be another sea,and swimming with my eyes, nailed slowly.
Agonizing flame holding lifeWe could wander, with their flight,the sea calling our soul shake,holding water droplets in the sky.
You reflect the customary mound,when a tear falls in the Pacific,love, infinitely extraordinarythe sea becomes, as geographical point.
Repeated waters, arriving in secret,blue love, principle of continents,wails and torments with specificheaven, reappears in dreams unrealized.
Each person sees the sky, so fabulous,blue what causes a tangible despair,confined humanity, fearful burden,as I love, very close to your heart.
y su tema cual es
El cielo azul enamorado
en ingles
The blue sky love
Un sabio no nace sabiendo ni viendo sabio es aquel que cae cada que va cayendo un sabio es el que escucha a los demás hasta a un niño hablar sabio es aquella persona que cuando cae se sabe levantar 
A wise not born Sabien or seeing.  Sage is one that falls each that goes tumbling, a wise man is he who listens to others speak to a child.  Wise is the person who falls is known as lift