I like apples
I like pears
my dad bought pineapples
my mom did naranas juice 
 Mr. john gave me grapes
yesterday buy plums
I saw in a store handles
I like strawberries
hate cherries
my mom says that the lemon is good for the flu
she likes fruits that are healthy
He likes to fruits that do not decay
I like fruit and is rich.The fruit of these woods is very beautifulMy mom puts vegetables to the soup and it's deliciousThere are many fruits on the market that are deliciousIn my hand is a vegetable that is unpleasant for meThere is an apple folling from the treeThere is a banana in Alfito´s bagThere is an orange´s tree near my house
My mother is buying apples.
I love eat green grape, is so tasty
Wen I was young, i used to eat banana and peach
That cherry looks delicious.
I want to eat a pear.
My father cultivate Pineapples
I have an orange´s tree
In the beach, I see a lot of Coconut
The Grapefruit is so bitter
The Raspberry is my favorite fruit