¡La mejor respuesta!
1. You must to study more.
2. You must not play the guitar there.
3. She has to buy some potatoes.
4. They have to play basketball tomorrow.
5. I must to complete my workbook.
6. He has to enter to the reunion.
7. I have to look trough these windows.
8. She must to understand why they are going to Cusco.
9. I must to brush my teeth.
10. You have to drink two bottles of water per day.
1. You don't have to enter to this house if you don't want.
2. She doesn't have to built the camp.
3. I don't have to sing in this party.
4. They don't have to know why we are here.
5. He doesn't have to travel to Lima.
gracias amiga porfin ya no tendre que preocuparme en la tarea jejeje
grasias amiga ya no tendre que preocuparme tanto por la tarea jejeje
Okas :D