Oraciones de los numeros en ingles del 1 al 10

She has eight years old
He tell nine secrets
I eat 10 hamburgers
I eat ten hamburgers
I have one pen I have two sisters I have three apples I saw four dogs I have five books he has six chairs she has seven cousins My mom bought me eight pencils I have nine sweaters He has ten brothers


I have one cat.
I am two years old
I see three trees.
You can travel to four countries.
She have five bananas.
He is still in level six.
They have seven CDs.
I like eight tipes of grape.
I love to eat nine chocolate bars per day.
Since I was ten I could swim.
She has five bananas. She-It-He usan has y no have
Ups.. Lapsus brutus. Lo siento me confundí
One children is in a school
I have two sisters
My brother is three years old
She had four cellphones
María and Kevin have five sons
I have six colours pencils
When my mother was a children, she has seven cats
Valeria is eight years old
Laura and richard have nine dogs in their house
Me and Giuliano have ten points in ask.fm