A) 'd wear
b) 'd have
c) 'd work
d) 'd play
e) 'd go
f) 'd go to bed

a) shares
b) were possible
c) would live
d) lived
e) would buy
f) would grow
g) travels
h) goes
i) doesn't like
j) were
k) would ride
l) would buy
m) loves
n) goes
o) would walk

a) what would he wear?
b) what would he have for breakfast?
c) where would he work?
d) where would he go on the weekend?
e) at what time would he go to bed?

a) No, she wouldn't.
b) Yes, she would.
c) No, she wouldn't.
d) Yes, she would.
e) Yes, she would.

a) If he didn't work in the evening, he'd have time to play with his children.
b) If she didn't buy a lot of clothes, she'd have money.
c) If I had a car, I'd give you a lift.
d) If I didn't go to bed late, I wouldn't be tired in the morning.
e) If she had a watch, she'd never be late.