-Adam is 45, Bess is 35, and Chris is 25, Adam is the oldest of the three.

- They chose the darkest brown they could find.

-The dancer moved the most gracefully of all the performers.

- France is beautiful, but Chile is the most beautiful country in the world.

- Tokyo is one of the largest country in the world
1.. I am not the ablest translator from Spanish into the English language, but I'm the most committed. (Two superlatives).

2. I'm the fastest runner in my school.

3. Even though she feels she is the most beautiful, she is only the friendliest. (Here you have two superlatives).

4. I suggest that if you want to be perceived as the most intelligent, you better start showing that you are the humbliest. (Here you have two, again)

5. The good man shouted in the laudest way: help, help!
esas son las superlative
1) Jean is TALLER than Ann
2) Mary is "cleverer" than Jhony.
3) Look at this painting! it´s "more beatiful" than the another one.
4) Her idea was "better" than yours.
5) Your car is "newer" than my car.
6) those shoes cost "cheaper" than these one.
7) My Pc is "older" than yours
8) you got a "worse" score than me
9) You have arrived "later" than yesterday.
10) he is fatter than me.
estas son las comparative

Ejemplo de comparativos en inglés:

Aziel is taller than Ariel.

Mauricio is small, but Alfredo is smaller.

He's bigger than me.

Elena is nicer than Cissnei

Elena is hot, but Cissnei is hotter.

Williams Molina is ugly, but Mauricio is handsome.

Ejemplo de Adjetivos comparativos en inglés

A Mercedez Benz is a much expensive car than a Fiat [Un auto Mercedez Benz es mucho más caro que un Fiat]

Adriano is much faster than Ronaldo [Adriano es mucho más rápido que Ronaldo]

Ejemplos de superlativos

The highest mountain in Europe is Elbrus

The highest mountain in North America is Mkinley

The highest mountain in South America is Aconcagua

The highest mountain in Asia is Everest

The highest mountain in Antarctica is Visson Massif

The highest mountain in Australasia is Mount Cook

The highest mountain in Africa is Kilimanjaro