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Hola, por aquí te dejo 20 frases como pedías. Las tienes todas en presente pero en distintos tiempos. Espero ayudarte.

1. I'm watching TV while my mother does the cooking.
2. This afternoon I meet my friends for a movie.
3. While I'm doing my homework, my sister listen to music.
4. Today I'm going shopping with my grandparents.
5. Tonight, play a football game with my neighborhood friends.
6. Mary plays basketball every Sunday.
7. He lives in that street.
8. I always get up at 8 o'clock.
9. We visit my grandmother twice a week.
10. She doesn't play football every Saturday.
11. Peter doesn't live in that street.
12. I don't live in England.
13. Mary and Peter don't play the guitar.
14. Does Mary play the piano everyday?.
15. Does he drink tea?.
16. Do you speak Chinese?.
17. I travel to London every weeks.
18. They run in the park every Saturdays.
19. You study English at school.
20. You always pay the tickets.