How much time is there? ¿Cuánto tiempo hay? 
How much water are you drinking?
How much petrol do we need?
How much milk is there in chocolate?
“How much do we have?”
How much milk is there ?
How much water is there? 
How much peas does she eat? 
How much lentils does she eat?
How much vegetables does she eat?
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mmmmm no entiendo habla bien vale :D
1.How much would you sell yourself for?
2.How much does it cost to buy love?
3.How much is there left?
4.How much money do you have?
5.How much of our friendship is left?
6.How much do you love to do what you do?
7.How much money do you make?
8.How much would you charge me?
9.How much love can you give?
10.How much would you give in exchange of money?
Espero te sean de mucha ayuda :D!!