Yo te ayudo en la conversacion
por fa si te gusta mi comentario pon gracias chi
Hola, bueno yo le puse pulgar arriba a MVZLM, pero pues hay cosas que estan mal asi que lo voy a corregir, se lo puse porque me parece que se dio su trabajo de contestar y hacer esa converascion... muy bien!!!
Le cambié unas cosas....

Juan, Luis and Mary (clients): Good morning.
Ana (employee): Good morning.
Juan: Is the Dr. here?
Ana: yes, he is at his office, i´ll call him, wait a second.
Dr: Hi, good morning, How can I help you?
Juan: My dog needs to be vaccinated.
Dr: Ok, what´s his name? and how old is he?
Juan: His name is Pyro and he is 2 years old.
Dr. Ok... hi Pyro... so Ana please call Pedro to help me to hold the dog.
Luis: It will be painful for Pyro?
Mary: Why you must hold him?
Dr.: It will not hurt much, but Pyro is very big and strong, I need help to avoid that he moves.
Dr.: Pedro, don´t let the dog move
Pedro (assistant): It was so fast that it didn´t hurt to him and didn´t move.
Juan, Luis and Mary: Thanks doctor. You´re so good...
Dr: Thank you.... Bye Pyro...bye bye