Tengo que escribir un poema en ingles.. yo se hablarlo pero no tengo creatividadXD

Life Goes Onby: Margie GlihaHang in there, heart,I know you've been hurt,you gave all your love,got treated like dirt.Got broken and stabbed,and got cheated on...but, don't give up, heart,because life goes on.Time and God will heal you,you will love again;when the wounds are closedwe will both forget.
But, please don't hold grudges,it's not good to hate;God's the one who judgesand make people pay.I know we're both hurtingfor what he has done;but, let's start all over...because life goes on!
she is all alone again
wiping the tears from her eyes some days he feels like dyng she gets so sick of crying


Love is the most beautiful thing a person can do, wanting to be with each other until the end of days, despite the difficulties and problems, which always brings life sharing. So I've discovered that I feel you, without worrying about what we have to face in
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Love is all
Love is me
Love is you
Love is you and me <3