He works. He doesn't work. Does he work?
I go to school. I don't go to school. Do I go to school?
She loves chocolate. She doesn't love chocolate. Does she love chocolate?
They play football. They don't play football. Do they play football?
He is upset. He isn't upset. Is he upset?
We live in Toronto. We don't live in Toronto. Do we live in Toronto.
I go to London on vacations. I don't go to London on vacations. Do I go to London on vacations?
He plays the guitar. He doesn't play the guitar. Does he play the guitar?
She has a boyfriend. She doesn't have a boyfriend. Does she have a boyfriend?
She has got two pets. She hasn't got any pets. Has she got any pets?
I am single. I am not single. Am I single?
My mother is ill. My mother isn't ill. Is my mother ill?
My father goes to work by bus. My father doesn't go to work by bus. Does my father go to work by bus?
You sing in the bathroom. You don't sing in the bathroom. Do you sing in the bathroom?
You use too much the computer. You don't uste too much the computer, Do you use too much the computer?
I drink Pprite. I don't drink Sprite. Do I drink Sprite?
I am twelve years old. I am not twelve years old. Am I twelve years old?
He travel a lot. He doesn't travel a lot. Does he travel a lot?
She listens to radio. She doesn't listen to radio. Does she listen to radio?
He drives very carefully. He doesn't drive very carefully. Does he drive very carefully?
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