Me pueden ayudan hacer oraciones afirmativas y negativas con estos verbos ring,sing,sink,drink,shrink,swin,begin,run,feed,lead,breed,read,sell,tell,slide,hold,hit,fit,spit,knit,quit,let,set,upset,shu,cut,put,cost,hurt,spread,broadcast bueno con los que puedan por favor



I drink to water, my father run to my clasroom, nada mas 
I drink to water, I not drink to water
My mom sings in the garden every morning.
Susan doesn't sing in her idiom, spanish.

I swim every afternoon in the club.
She doesn't swim because she has an accident.

Ricky begins a new proyect in the university
Violet doesn't begin the career with her friends.

I don't drink soda because it is too sweet
Gerard drinks beer every end of week