1 I hate your taxi
2 the people hates your style men!
3 if you hate Facebook don't use it
4 hey, Jo we hate you when u tell us that joke damn!!!
5 I hate when my family calls me "zipy"

1 hey mom, I love this food
2 I love dance because is funny
3 honey I love you so much
4 my public loves me
5 did you loves me?
1) I hate the way you look at me.
2) I hate how much he complains about his life.
3) I hate negative people.
4) I really hate math so much.
5) I hate how much I love you.


1) I love the way my family support me.
2) I love how much peace music brings.
3) I love pictures and the memories they keep.
4) I love how in such a small town they are amazing people.
5) I love cats.
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