Traje tareas de vacaciones :s
complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb be or have. Use contractions where possible.
she___ eighteen years old.
_______________ your parents american? no they ______. they________ canadian
liza________long brown hair.
_______________ he a teacher?? no, he ______. He _________ an optician
no, i__________ green eyes. my eyes are gray
__________ you interested in polictics? no, i _____, but I____________ interested in history



She is eighteen years old
are your parents american? no they're not. they are canadian.
liza has long brown hair.
is he a teacher? no, he isn't. he is an optican
no, i don't have green eyes, they are gray.
are you interested in politics? ni, i am not, but i am interested in history.