Presente simple
Mario: Hi, what’s your name?
Cami: I’m, Carlos
Mario: Where are you from?
Cami: I’m from Peru, actually, I’m from Chosica (a town near Lima)
Mario:Chosica. What’s your nationality?
Cami: I’m Peruvian.
Mario: Great. I’m Peruvian too. How old are you?
Cami: I’m thirty one years old,  I’m old.
Mario: Oh, I’m twenty seven.
Cami: Yeah right.
Mario: Hahaha, and, are you single?
Cami: No, I’m not. I’m married.
Mario: Oh, and, what do you do?
Cami: I’m a teacher and also I’m an administrator, like a manager, and as you all know, I’m a blogger.
Mario: Where do you work?
Cami: Well, I work on the Internet and then I teach at different locations but the main office is in Miraflores.
Mario: Miraflores, nice place. And, where do you live?
Cami: I live in Surco, Santiago de Surco.
Mario: Who do you live with?
Cami: I live with of course my wife Marisu, my sister and mother-in-law, and also my wife’s grandmother.
Mario: OK, Tell me about your wife.
Cami: Well, my wife is a teacher too. She works at centre de Idiomas San Martin de Porres and she’s very beautiful.
Mario: And, what’s she like? (question about description)
Cami: Well um, she’s smart. She’s tall. She has brown hair and she’s a great person; she’s very easygoing.
Mario: Great and, what do you like doing in your free time?
Cami: Well, I like going to the movies.
Mario: Ok. How often do you go to the movies?
Cami: I go… well before, we used to (solíamos) go every week but now we go maybe once or twice a month.
Mario:What kind of movies do you like?
Cami: I would say that we like horror and dramas.
Mario: Ok. And, do you like eating out?
Cami: Oh yes. We love eating out.
Mario: What kind of restaurants do you like?
Cami: Well, we love seafood so we usually go to “cebicherias”. It’s very common here, it’s a very common dish here “el cebiche peruano” and every week we go out and.. eighty percent of the time we have cebiche.
Mario: Here in Lima we have some nice restaurants, right?
Cami: Yeah.
Mario: And tell me. What’s Lima like?
Cami: Well, Lima is a very big city. It’s the capital of Peru and it is very crowded, uhh, it’s polluted but also it is very interesting. You can do many things but I think that the most common thing to do is to go out and dance, go to discos and eat. You know the food here is amazing I recommend it.
Mario: Ok, and what about dancing? Do you like to dance?
Cami: Yes yes. I love dancing but umm, we don’t go often although yesterday we went dancing. It was very fun.
Mario: Ok Carlos. It was a pleasure talking to you.
Cami: Thank you very much Marisu.
Mario: Bye. See you then.