¡La mejor respuesta!
JACK: So, can I ask you a few questions about yourself?
LUCIA: Sure, you can.
JACK: Where did you grow up?
LUCIA: I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
JACK: Oh! really? are you from Argentina?
LUCIA: No, I'm from Venezuela, my parents moved on when I was a child and I lived there until I finished the high school.
JACK: Really? What sports did you use to play in high school?
LUCIA: Uhmmm well, I used to play volleyball and basketwall
JACK: Oh yeah! I like basketwall I practice always I can.
LUCIA: yeah, is a good exercise.
JACK: And tell me more, did you have a part time job when you were a teenager?
LUCIA: Yes, I worked in pet store
JACK: Oh, that sounds nice.
LUCIA: yeah, it was very nice, because I love animals.
JACK: And what did you do after you graduation?
LUCIA: Well, I traveled to Japan.
JACK: Wow! is amazing.
LUCIA: Yeah! It was wonderful, I really enjoyed it.
JACK: How long were you there?
LUCIA: I was there for a week.
JACK: Great! What did you do there?
LUCIA: Well, I visited some temples, then I went to a sumo match in Osaka, that was fun!
JACK: And did you like Japanese food?
LUCIA: Yes, I did, but I didn't like sushi, by the way, do you want to see my photos?
JACK: Sure!
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