Pòdrian hacerme el favor y checar lo k escribi esta bien por favor. agreguen comentarios o sugerencias

My last vacation was great. I went to Acapulco and I had a wonderful time there. I swam everyday in the mornings, then I walked along the beach, enjoying all the beautiful views of the big hotels. This was my first time there, so I was really amazed with Acapulco´s beauty. At night, I went to dance and had fun. I did lots of things, and I met very nice people, the only problem was that time flew off so fast, that when I noticed, my vacation was almost over, I had only one day left, so I did enjoy it at full. I took lots of pictures, ate giant shrimps, drank some beers. so I had a marvelous vacation. That's all I can tell you about my last vacation.



Esta super bien. solo te arreglaría que vacation es plural por lo q cambia los vacation por vacations
Esta bien en algunas partes pero por ejemplo ahi tienes una parte que dice" I went to dance and had funny" deberia ser I WENT TO DANCE AND WAS VERY FUNNY