was answering on yahoo answers
You were working last night
We were dancing together.
You were living in a big house
They were celebrating their graduation
It was rainning yesterday.
Mark was sitting in front of me.
I was waiting for you
You were waiting for me
He was playing baseball
She was spending a lot of money
you were sick
I was visiting Oslo 2 years ago.
i was going to the beach, but ir started raining
they were going to eat pizza, but the place was closed
I was doing my homework when you came out.
They were eating in McDonalds
I was playing with my dog
He was opening the window.
They were trying to copy in the quiz.
They were looking for you
Kiuw was buying a ball
You were having lunch
My parents were talking with me
Mike was drinking water in my house
Lula was washing his car
Ana was writing a letter in her room
i was playing chess
she was reading a book
mum was knitting a coat
i was signing a paper
the dog was eating his food
You were using the computer
They were dancing yesterday
you were an English song
we were watching a movie.
They were speaking english.
They were eating bananas for breakfast.
Anita and Laurita were playing at the park.
John and I were listening rock yesterday
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