Are you coming?

Are you eating fish?

Are you going to the cinema?

Is she speaking in english?

Are they surfing in the internet?

6. Are we writing in the paper?

7 . Am I loving ?

8 Are they jumping ?

9 Is she cleaning the house?

10 Is he going in this moment to this direction?

11 Are you making your homework?

12 Is it runing in the school?

13 Are they swiming in the pool?

14 Is she walking in this floor?

15 Are you watching the TV?

16 Are we looking the dogs?

17 Is she sleeping in the bed ?

18 Are they buying in the supermarket?

19 are we looking this car?

20 Am I working well?

todas las respuestas son Yes, I am / No , I'm not
lo de negrito cambia segun el sujeto.
I am
You are
He/She/It is
They / We  are