He escrito algo y no estoy segura si está bien. Por favor, leedlo y corrigid los errores!!

In my opinion television is the most important for currently people. I think television has defects and advantage. In my opinion television is good because we can find out with message what happened in the world. We can a lot of learn with scientific and nature programs who TV show ours. We need a simple way to relax in the evenings. Next advantages is supply informations about current events. TV organised many charitable action helping people in the world. The first defects television are too long commercial and good movies are often too late. During watch TV families spend less time talking to each other. I think that TV has bad influence on children, youth and adults, because they can happened addicted to watching TV all the time. After much defects I think that television is good invention for people. Only we should chose good programs who watch.




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