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Why is important the technology?
 Technology is important because it provides us with easy, more effective solutions to everyday living. Without technology we could not communicate quickly from long distances, find important information from the Internet, and many other things we take for granted sometimes. Who knows what fascinating inventions technology has in store for us!
ADVANTAGES:1 - It helps you easily solve our daily problems without wear us too and so easy.2 - Any doubt you'll solve the internet eg you can find from all study subjects till just entertainment.3 - There are a lot of technology to be able to walk as dentures now you have a disability does not stop you because the technology is achieved.4 - Existes cameras, video games and things for our distraction as cell phones are an entertainment for young people and also so easy now is communicate.5 - We can have an easier life without struggle because almost everything is made easy maybe in a few years with the touch of a button without any problems is because the technology just looking to make life easier.6 - There are cell phones or phones and we culminarnos but believe it is a distraction I think is a very important means of communication and entertainment we also learn what happen and do.