that is mine
that food has a fruit
that pencil is yellow
that has been bought and sold
that film is too expensive
That is your pen.
that's blue is fashion
That is used to point at something far from you
That jacket is not mine.
That is the best book I have read.
That is a coconut
That house is expensive
That dog is bad.
That was an incredible story.
that window is small
that book is mine
that table is your
that car is clean
that boy is my friend
that e-mail is him

this is my house
this is my syster cleaning the house
this is her homework
this is the picture about what I was talking to you
this is his family
This is my laptop
This radio does not work.
This costs more than that.
This is the story
This flower is beautiful
This car is dirty.
this is my compotition
this is my identification
This chair is red
This umbrella is new 
This table is pretty.
this is a beautiful carpet.
this is my calculator
this is my cat.
this pencil is big

These are English books.
  These are papers.
These are houses.
These are computers.
These are your songs.
These are my favorite shoes.
These books are very old.
these are my cousins
these shoes doing in the middle of the room
These are my children.
These fishing agreements should be primarily negotiated by the industry itself.
These give cause for specific examinations for the existence of multiple myeloma.
These become ever more complex, and decisions are conspicuous by their absence.
These should be the very cornerstones of our environmental and energy policies.
these central points enumerated in the report
these countries an enormous amount of development aid.
these central points enumerated in the report
these expectations of the people,
these types of bilateral agreement that are required are being negotiated.
these excellent provisions

Those are your pens.
those airplanes like's fly
those are my parents
Those are not my socks.
Those pictures are excellent.
those people on the other side of the street
those are dolls
Those are umbrellas
Those are cars
Those are the heavy ones
those are glasses
those birds are white
those cats are playing
those people are fighting in the street
those students are making noise
those people are troublesome with the government
those children are being chased by dogs
Those children are mine
Those apples are ripe
those lemons are big.