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La Formación de comparativos y superlativos regulares en inglés, es simple formar el comparativo y el superlativo de la mayoría de los adjetivos. La forma dependerá del número de sílabas del adjetivo.

Aquí tienes 30 oraciones en la forma comparativa en ingles

1.     Today is colder than yerterday.

2.     China is bigger than Italy.

3.     She is younger than her brother.

4.     He is older than his friend.

5.     I stayed longer than I expected.

6.     My car is newer than yours.

7.     His house is bigger than mine.

8.     Tea is cheaper than champagne

9.     We are smarter than they.

10.   I am taller than my bothers.

11.   Gold is more valuable than silver.

12.   His car is more expensive than my car.

13.   My brother prepares his homework more carefully than his classmates.

14.   She is more ambitious than her sister.

15.   I am more intelligent than you.

16.   She is more elegant than my aunt. 

17. His idea is better than the last one.

18. This contract is worse than the previous one.

19. He swims better than his cousin.

20. She drives worse than her sister. 

21.  I work harder than him

22. She do it better than me

23. This shirt is more expensive than the other one

24. Alice teaches worse than my mother.

25. Can you make everything easier?

26. He's more polite than my own son.

27. My dog grows faster than yours

28. It's my turn, you were longer than me.

29. My necklace is fancier!

30. Watching the film is borier than listening to music.