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Yesterday i was at the school and the teacher left us a homework but i was talking with my friend so i did not listen him . Today that i went to the school my classmate asked me about the homework and i told her : which homework? i did not do any homework! ! my classmate explained me that when i was playing and talking with my friend the teacher was informing us about the homework so now i have a bad grade and i would not playing anymore
Hello, my name is Adam, I'm from Atlanta, Georgia, before I moved here I lived in Kansas, Atlanta it's more different from Kansas, for example, in Kansas I was working full time in a farm to earn an extra money, here I just asked for a good part-time job and I was contracted as babysitter, this was part of a lot of things that have changed a couple weeks since I moved. I've never imagined that my life was going to have a great change during my moving. Now I'm longer the farmer kid I used to be, I have my own service of babysitting, everything it is better than before, I didn't miss my past, where I wasn't enjoying life as am doing now. Good luck