Read the conversation and fill in the blanks with the correct option from the parenthesis. (15 points)

ALBERT: Hi Tom. (You organize/Let's organize/Don't organize) a party in my house.
TOM: Good idea. (Is there/There is/Are there) enough food?
ALBERT: No, (there are/there aren't/there isn't). We need some food and beverages.
TOM: (You go/Go/Don't go) to the supermarket and buy some soda and wine.
ALBERT: Good idea. I (also/too/don't) need your help. Call (mine/us/our) friends, but (not invite/invite/don't invite) many people.
TOM: Okay. Can I invite my girlfriend?
ALBERT: Sure. Invite (her/she/hers).
TOM: And what about the food?
ALBERT: (You call/Let's call/Don't call) the pizza place and order a pizza.
TOM: That sounds great!
ALBERT: I (has got/have got/hasn't got) a microwave oven, so we can heat (her/its/it) when the people arrive.
TOM: Well, let’s up (hurry/wake/get). We (have got/hasn't got/haven't got) much time.
ALBERT: Okay. I will wear my new trousers.
TOM: Then, I will wear my new jumper (also/to/too). I will see you tonight.
ALBERT: See (yours/him/you). Bye.

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No estoy seguro pero seria asi
Hi tom lets organize a party in my house
Good idea there is enough food?
No there arent.
Go to the supermarket
Good idea, i also? Need yout help. Call our friends but dont invite many people
Invite her
Lets call? the pizza place
I have got a microwave oven, so we can heat it when the people arrive
Well,lets up hurry, we hevent got much time

See you. Bye