Alguien me puede escribir como se pronuncia esto..??
The Haunted House
It is an ancient house, they say it is haunted by a little girl's spirit. The little girl killed herself. When there is no happiness in the house she appears, because she does not like remembering the reason to why she didn't want to keep living anymore.Her way of showing herself to other people is to move stuff around the house, and sometimes she even makes people want to move out.



De janted jaus
itis an ansaied jaus, dey sey itis
jantetd bai a litl gerls espirit. de litl gerl kiled jerself. guen der is nou
japines in de jaus shi apiars,
bicaus shi das not laik rimembering
de rison tu guai shi dident guont tu
kip living enimor. jer guey of shoguing
gerself tu oder pipel is tu muv estaf
arraund de jaus, and samtaims shi
ivin meiks pipel guont tu muv aut.

seria bueno que practiques escuchando textos... o a alguien que te lo pueda leer correctamente... esta no es la mejor manera de aprender xq te quedara grabado esto que te puse y no como se escribe realmente. exitis