Rellenar los huecos utilizando el tiempo Present Simple o Present Continuous. 1. What...(you/do) at the weekend ? 2. She....(live) in Moscow. 3. What...9you/look0 at ? 4. In the evenings, Ann(hellp).... her mum with the housework. 5.The nuseum(close).... at eight in the evening. 6. Sam... (study) hard these days. 7...(your dad/read) a paper every day ? 8.....(you/stay) in tonight > 9.Jim......(catch) yhe bus to school at &:30 in the morning. 10.the children...(play) in the garden now.




1. What do you do at the weekend?

2. She lives in Moscow.

3. What are you looking at?

4. In the evenings, Ann helps her mum with the housework.

5. The museum closes at eight in the evening.

6. Sam is studying hard these days.

7. Is your dad reading a paper every day?

8. Are you staying in tonight?

9. Jim catches the bus to school at 7:30 in the morning.

10. The children are playing in the garden now.