I´m eating pizza
she is listening to music
they are dancing right now
he is doing his homework
we are writing a song
she is working in a bank
i´m thinking about going to london
at he moment we are talking to you
they are learning spanish
you are drinking tea

i´m not sleeping 
she isn´t cooking 
they aren´t studing now
you aren´t watching the tv
he isn´t walking to school
it isn´t raining
we aren´t runing
they aren´t reading
i´m not flying
she isn´t swimming

are you jumping?
is she drawing?
is he playing tennis?
are we eating chocolate?
am i painting?
are they blowing?
are you falling?
are they speaking?
is she making something new?
is he walking slowly?

espero que estén bien y te sirvan, chao.