Oraciones interrogativas
1¿que te sucede?
2¿quien va ganando el juego?
3¿hasta que día vas a esperar?
4 no me gusta el pescado
5 a mario no le gusta negar 
6 siempre llegas tarde
oraciones afirmativas
7 el sol sale de dia 
8 tienes unos bonitos ojos
9 la luna sale de noche 
10 estas muy linda hoy

interrogativas-are you speak english?-Are you in the kitchen?-What do you mean?-Can i hepl you?-Are you paying atention?-Am I lovely?-What about you?-Do you agree?-Am I inteligent?-Are you sure?
Afirmativas:-Im very nice-Im paying atention-She has a dog-He does his homework-Im in love -I can jump -She can climb -Is fun!-She love her short
Negativas-Im not stupid-She didnt do it-i dont dance -I cant fly-Dont fell down -I dont like it-She doesnt like to go to the shopping
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Interrogativas  Why does hold the resource?
2) What's the matter?
3) Who will win the sports game?
4) Do you have any idea about the history of the country?
5) John read the book?
6) To what day you expect?
7) Why do you want me to do your duty?
8) Now are you most comfortable?
9) What is your name?
10) It rained yesterday in Mexico?
1.Triangles have 3 sides 2.Mexico borders the United States 3.Still no rain 4.Still has not set the soup on the table 5.No oil grape obitiene 6.No truck of our fleet is 50 tons 7.At the North Pole cold 8.He's out the new issue of the journal

-are you speak english?
-Are you in the kitchen?
-What do you mean?
-Can i hepl you?
-Are you paying atention?
-Am I lovely?
-What about you?
-Do you agree?
-Am I inteligent?
-Are you sure?

-Im very nice
-Im paying atention
-She has a dog
-He does his homework
-Im in love 
-I can jump 
-She can climb 
-Is fun!
-She love her short

-Im not stupid
-She didnt do it
-i dont dance 
-I cant fly
-Dont fell down 
-I dont like it
-She doesnt like to go to the shopping 
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