Espero me puedan ayudar no soy nada buena para el Ingles.

Completa las oraciones con la forma correcta del verbo “Tobe” am, is are.

a) He ________ fifteen years old.

b) _____________________your friends American? No they _________.

c) Maria’s hair ________black and her eyes green.

d) ________________ She a teacher? No, she __________.

e) ___________________you interested in music? Yes I____________.

Completa el párrafo con las siguientes palabras:

Her / They / His / her / their / their

____rule the Royal House of Windsor
and they can trace their bloodlines back through thousands of years of monarchy
and leadership. The British Royal Family, with Queen Elizabeth II at the head
of the throne, lead Britain's constitutional monarchy. As the Queen celebrates
___ Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and is honored for 60 years on the throne, the
Royal Family has never been more popular. They go by the terms "___ and
___ Royal Highness," yet they are admired for ____ style, down-to-earth
personalities, media savvy, and their devotion to humanitarian causes. All eyes
are on Princes William and Harry as they carry on _____ family legacy into the
21st century.



¡La mejor respuesta!
Respuestas primera parte(solo doy lo que va en las rayas):

a) Is
b) 1) are 2) are not
c) is
d) a) is b) isn't
e) a) are b) am

respuestas segunda parte:

1)they 2) her 3) his 4) her 5) their 6) his 
soy bilingue y es:
a) Is
a) Is b)are/ aren´t c) is d) is / isn´t d) are/am
las mismas respuestas son mann :3 y por cierto yo se ingles y lo se muy bien
y yo tambn lo se, hablo Italiano,Ingles y Español y estudio el francesç