Hey there!
oh, hey!
What are you up to?
Nothing really, just watching tv.
you're pretty lazy.
Hey, it's rainning, what else am i supposed to do?
You know, there are things we call umbrellas.
Are you implying something?
and... i have 2 of them.
Are you asking me out? seriously?
any problem with that?
Cool, then let's go to the movies!
Sure, sounds great!
Barbara: Where were you yesterday?
Tino: I was at the beach.
Barbara: Were you with anymore?
Tino: Yes, I was with a friend named Gina.
Barbara: Was she young and beautiful?
Tino: No, she wasn´t. She was old and ugly.
Barbara: re you telling me truth, Tino?
Tino: Yes, of course.

Barbara: Donde estubo usted ayer?
Tino: Yo estube en la playa.
Barbara: Estubo usted con alguien?
Tino: Si, Yo estube con una amiga llamada Gina.
Barbara: Era ella joven y bonita?
Tino: No, no lo era. Ella era vieja y horrible.
Barbara: Esta usted diciéndome la verdad. Tino?
Tino: Si, por supuesto.