Quisiera saber si estas oraciones están correctas. Tenía que pasarlas de singular a plural.

1. The boy is eating an apple. The boys are eating apples. 2. Is that tomato fresh? Are that tomatoes fresh? 3. The secretary is eating a sandwich. The secretaries are eating sandwiches. 4. Who is that person? Who are these persons? 5. This is a new watch. These are the new watches. 6. That man doesn´t have money. These men’s don’t have money. 7. Please put the book in the box. Please put the books in the boxes. 8. The woman is here with her child. The woman’s are here with her child’s.



5.These are new watches ... después todo esta bien
2 Are THOSE tomatoes fresh?
6 These men don`t have  money.(SIN`S)
8 The WOMEN are here with their CHILDREN.
Las demas estan bien!!