Te Tengo parrafo diferente este es el 1                                                            Yesterday was so strange. The day started Ok, I got up really early, went running as usual and then took a shower. When I was taking my shower I head a beeping noise. I turned off the water and the noise stopped. I fogort about it until breakfast, and then, when I was eating, I heard a different noise. It was a cracking noise, like a radio out of tune.
I looked out of the window and nobody was there, so I went to work. When I was sitting on the bus, I saw a small, green flashing light in the reflection of the window. I turned round to see where it was coming from but I didn´t see anything.

Este es el 2                                                                                                     This morning at 8:33, someone ROBBED the State Bank downtown. The thief ENTERED the bank and STATED that he WANTED all their money. The thief SMILED but looked very tired. The tellers SEEMED worried. The thief RECEIVED the money he REQUESTED, ASKED to be EXCUSED, then STORMED out quickly as the door REVOLVED. He DASHED down the street and SCREECHED away in a damaged car that RATTLED, SQUEAKED and SMOKED. It APPEARED that he really NEEDED the money. The police soon ARRIVED. They BARRELED and CHASED down the street. They SEARCHED and QUESTIONED bystanders, but the thief VANISHED. The police FAILED to catch him. Investigators ABANDONED the case and NEGLECTED to do anything else. The money WAS never RECOVERED and the thief WAS never IDENTIFIED the report of the incident ENDED.                             espero haberte ayudado :)